Church Updates

As we are navigating this very unique season we want to be able to communicate clearly how we are responding to and functioning as a Church.  One thing is clear, we are not meant to just get by in this season but we are meant to thrive.  This is not a time for the Church to shrink back but to press into our calling and see His Kingdom Advance.  That will mean we do some things differently.  Keep touching base here to see what we are doing as a Church and how you can get involved.


Sunday Services

We’re continuing to watch the COVID-19 situation closely and it’s important to us that we continue to respond to the reality we’re facing as a city and province in a loving way. That means staying current and following orders and recommendations from experts.  As things start to come back we will not rush back to a service just because we can but we will make sure that the health and overall well-being of our Church Family Members is taken into consideration.  There are a lot of factors to take into consideration and a lot of those are out of our hands.  Please be patient and enjoy the times we have together online in the meantime.

As of right now we have an online experience for our Sunday services that we would love for you to make a priority.  Just as we would Gather in a physical way, when we Gather virtually during this time we are encouraged and strengthened by each other.  This is why we encourage everyone to go to our website and join in the chat.  We know that you can tune in at anytime with the recording but tuning in LIVE will give you the opportunity to connect with other family members.  This is what the Church is all about.  This is one reason why we do not pre-record the message (unless we have a guest speaker).  We are LIVE with you!


Now more than ever is there a need to connect.  Our Groups are running online via Zoom.  Some of our Groups are starting to Gather together with social distancing measures in place.  If you would like to join a Group click here.

Groups are where we do life!  Don't do life alone!